Sunday, March 22, 2015

Orquesta Sonido 70 - No Te Puedo Perdonar

Good to be back in Salsa music. I've been busy lately with the new apartment and many exciting developments in work. But I'll always come back to the music.

Today's awesome band is known as Orquesta Sonido 70 with their aforementioned song.

Once again, another awesome band, but I can't seem to find much information on these guys. I think they're Columbian and by the sounds of it, the play a sort of retro style club Salsa Dura reminiscent of the 70's. The tune is moved forward by strong vocals and back-up choir, supported by simple trumpet riffs and a surprising short and sweet piano solo past half-way through. What I honestly didn't expect was the guitar solo! Seemed a little out of place to me but they didn't drag it out. Listening to the drive of the electric guitar, I'm sure their style is definitely retro!

Have a listen to the YouTube link below:

Orquesta Sonido 70 - No Te Puedo Perdonar

What do you guys think of this? Will you dance to it in the clubs?

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