Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Conjunto Jaguey - Maruca

Continuing Day 3 of DJ Dom's 7 Days of Salsa, I bring to you the Song of the Day, Conjunto Jaguey's 'Maruca'!

In following a personal principle when it comes to music for dancing, you don't have to play the exact same songs for dancers. Even if dancers like a particular song, we can always find alternatives with similar or identical sounds. This may well keep dancers happy and at the same time, it improves the salsa 'vocabulary' of dancers. Win-win, don't you think?

Of course, there are also a small minority of dancers who strongly feel that Marc Anthony is the only authority on Salsa music... but I digress.

About roughly 10 years back, up to today (in a limited context), Columbian boogaloo was pretty popular in the local Salsa scene, in particular Colombian giants, Sonora Carruseles. Hits like 'Ave Maria Lola' are still being played in clubs today. Colombian boogaloo had catchy, energetic and simple grooves, which meant beginner dancers found it easy to dance to and advance dancers could have a lot of fun with the songs.

If like Sonora Carruseles, you might enjoy the sounds of Conjunto Jaguey, another Columbian orquesta. Bloody hell, apparently they even have the trumpets from Los Hermanos Lebron playing for them. My take? Classic Columbian boogaloo, soft to moderate beats (easy on the ears) danced to a nice pace. Not too zealous and a great song to relax the energy but not to totally slow it down to a crawl. Warm-down music even. Also I'm a sucker for trumpets - I feel it adds character to some music.

I'll see you guys on the dance floor real soon!

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