Monday, May 18, 2015

Edwin y La Fusion Mambo - Novelera

Welcome to the Second Day of Dom's Seven Days of Salsa!

A couple of years ago, I was dancing in Salsa Havana at the Federal Hotel. It was late on a Saturday night and the crowd was slowly winding down. I noticed a Swiss gentleman dancing with a friend of mine, right in front of the bar (if you've ever been there, you know there is a thin strip of floor between the bar and the furniture). What transpires next has inspired me for years after that...

I don't remember the song but I do remember being fixated with that dude's dancing. He had an awesome amount of musicality - hitting every break and grooving every rhythm. Mind you that was during the earlier years of my Salsa but I was so inspired! I never forgot that and I've been working towards that ever since.

Related to this sharing exercise is the fact that my brand of music may not always ring well with the Masses, or the Common Crowd. I tend to look out for amazing grooves in my music, which of course in turn inspires a more dynamic, free-style kind of Salsa dancing. One example is La Fusion Mambo's 'Novelera'. Have a listen by clicking on the link provided below and tell me what you think about it.

Its totally easy to mistaken a set of memorized and rehearsed steps as pure groove, but imagine having no idea of what to do on the dance floor, and then letting the music move your body. Pure bliss.

I'll see you guys on the floor soon!

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